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Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri
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Preemergent Weed Control

Fertrell WeedBan is a product from the corn processing industry and safe for the environment. It won't be harmful to children and pets, even immediately after application.

Research studies have proven corn gluten meal effective as an all natural pre-emergent weed control. Through repeated use Fertrell WeedBan will control the emergence of crabgrass, clover, dandelions, lamb's quarter, foxtail, purslane creeping bentgrass, pigweed, barnyard grass, and Bermuda grass. However already established weeds will not be killed.

The nitrogen in Fertrell WeedBan is making it an excellent source of slow releasing fertilizer. Since it is slow release, it will feed your lawn over a long period of time.
Additional fertilizer may be applied 2 to 3 weeks after WeedBan's application. At that time a low nitrogen fertilizer may be applied, such as Fertrell's Super Lawn & Garden fertilizer (3-2-3). 6 to 8 weeks after WeedBan's application, a high nitrogen fertilizer such as Fertrell's Nitrell or Fertrellawn CaFe may be applied. Tests at Iowa State have shown that WeedBan, applied twice a year over a 3 year period on a heavily crabgrass infested lawn, can reduce crabgrass by as much as 91%.

Application Rate:
We recommend an early spring and a fall application. The application rate for the lawn is 20 lb. per 1000 square ft. For lawns use a drop type spreader with the setting about 2/3 open.  After application the lawn or garden should be deeply watered.  Do not use product at least 60 days prior to seeding or on newly seeded lawns. Wait until after the first mowing. On shrubbery and flower beds, and garden work Fertrell WeedBan into the top 2 - 3 inches of the soil. The WeedBan does not appear to affect transplants or bulbs.

Companion Products:
Fertrell's fertilizers blend organic and natural products to promote soil life and plant growth, yields and health while benefiting the environment. These products release nutrients slowly and do not leach away from the root zone, nor contaminate ground water supplies by leaching and run off. Over 50 years of experience, testing and product formulation come together in these environmentally sound products. Fertrellawn CaFe (9-1-4+Calcium & Iron) is an all natural lawn fertilizer blended to a major lawn care company's specification. Fertrell improved upon their basic requirement and added an exceptional form of calcium and non staining iron. This product has been an outstanding performer on lawns from residential and commercial to military parade grounds.

Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri

Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri