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Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri
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Animal Nutrition

Livestock Feed Programs - A special blend of minerals, vitamins, vitamins and probiotics (selected bacteria) to balance your feed programs and insure proper nutrition. Nutri-balancer feed supplements contain quality ingredients to increase production, boost feed conversion, balance digestive bacteria. A well-bred animal should be a well-fed animal. Breeding determines what an animal can do - feeding and management determine what an animal will do.

We have rations available for Cattle, Poultry, Goats, Sheep, Swine, Horses, etc. We also custom blend for specific animal nutritional needs.

Dairy Premixes


Our line of professionally blended dairy premixes with precise ratios of calcium and phosphorous. Capable of balancing rations with all types of forages.

Daily #1 - For diets containing mostly legumes.
Daily #2- For diets of mostly legumes with some corn silage.
Daily #3 - For diets of mostly corn silage with some legumes.

RUMI-CULT 40 An exciting power packed package contributing a uniquely nutritious blend to any livestock feeding program.

The heavy concentration of lactobacillus fermentation solubles, balanced with live cell yeast, special blood building trace minerals, and B-vitamins quickly improves the assimilation of nutrients into the blood stream. This aids in improving the animal health, as well as aiding the digestive processes. The readily available energy, provided in this feed mixture, gives animals a quick boost in vitality.

Rumi-cult 40 is a nutri-balanced feed supplement fortified with essential vitamins, chelated trace minerals, amino acids and probiotics. Rumi-cult 40 is a lactobacillus supplement which helps maintain good health and proper digestion in your livestock.

FERTRELL HORSE NUTRI-BALANCERFeed at the rate of two ounces per head per day to all horses over 400 pounds; under 400 pounds, one ounce. Do not exceed 4 ounces per head per day so as not to exceed the maximum permitted intake of Selenium per head per day. Each measure holds one ounce.


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Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri

Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri