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Fertrell Soil Care

Soil Amendments

Soil amendments are usually single purpose products that address a specific soil problem.They are normally used when there is a major soil deficiency or imbalance to be overcome or to address a specific problem during the growing season. Fertrell carries an outstanding selection of these soil amendments. Some of them are used in our blended fertilizers. Fertrell has the expertise to consult with you on the use of these products and make recommendations for their use.

Nitrogen (N) Sources

ALFALFA MEAL is a reasonable alternative to blood meal as a source of nitrogen and is nicely balanced with phosphorous and potassium. Its carbohydrates and protein make it an excellent soil conditioner by encouraging microbial activity in the soil. Micronutrients are plentiful because its extensive root system provides them to the plant from deep below the earth’s surface. Typical Analysis: 2.5-3% N based on protein.
Available Sizes:
Paper Bag 50# $
Paper Bag 3#

BLOOD MEAL is a fast release source of organic nitrogen. It should only be used on plants that have a high nitrogen requirement. It may also be used in compost piles to increase the speed of the decomposition process. Tends to act as a deer repellent. Typical Analysis: 12-0-0.
Available Size:
Paper Bag 50# $32.95

SQM NITRATE of SODA  16-0-0 is a mined natural source of nitrogen from Chile. It is quite water soluble and therefore readily available.
Analysis: 16-0-0
Available Size:  50# bag

COTTONSEED MEAL is an excellent slow release organic source of nitrogen for acid-loving plants because of its low pH.
Analysis: 6-2-1
Available Size: 50# paper bag

FISH MEAL is an excellent source of organic nitrogen and phosphorous.  It is high in carbohydrates and protein which will stimulate biological activity in the soil and increase tilth. The nutrients are released through microbial activity in the soil. Thus, it is long lasting and does not leach.
Analysis:  9-3-1
Available Size: 50# paper bag

FEATHER MEAL is an ideal source of nitrogen for all crops requiring a steady long lasting supply of that element. The product is not very water soluble; therefore, leaching away from crops is almost nonexistent. The nitrogen is made available through microbial activity.
Available Size: 50# paper bag

Phosphorous (P) Sources

BONE MEAL, STEAMED is an excellent source of plant available phosphorous. It contains a minor amount of nitrogen and a large amount of calcium. This product can be used for general application or as a starter fertilizer for new planting or transplants.
Analysis: 1-11-0
Available Size: 50# bag

ROCK PHOSPHATE is an excellent source of phosphorous, calcium and trace minerals. Rock Phosphate is a high carbon rock phosphate that has approximately one fifth the neutralizing power of lime. It releases best at a lower pH so apply before liming.
Available Size: 50# paper bag

CAL PHOS is a valuable source when soils show deficiencies of calcium and phosphate.  It is available in granular as well as pulverized form.
Analysis:  0-3-0
Available Size:  50# paper bag

Potassium (K) Sources

JERSEY GREENSAND is mined from naturally occurring deposits in New Jersey.  It is an iron-potassium silicate that is excellent at loosening clay soils. Known for its moisture holding capacity (10X) and the 30+ trace minerals it contains. It is a premiere soil conditioner for all agriculture and horticultural applications.
Available Sizes:  10# paper bag; 50# paper bag                 OMRI LISTED

SULFATE OF POTASH is a potassium and sulfur product used in potassium deficient soils
Analysis: 0-022-22S-18 Mg
Available Size:  50# paper bag

SUL-PO-MAG is a soluble sulfate of potash-magnesia. It is a crushed mineral that will not alter the soil pH. Apply where magnesium and potassium are deficient and calcium is abundant.
Analysis: 0-0-22-22S-18 Mg
Available Size:  50# paper bag


ARAGONITE     (A-rag-o-nite) is a sea calcium that is exceptionally high in calcium and low in magnesium. Many soils have had dolomite lime added for years and the magnesium may be tying up other nutrients in the soil. Gypsum and aragonite should be used to off set a high mag content soil.
Analysis: 0-0-0-39Ca
Available Size:  50# paper bag

DEHYDRATED CHICKEN MANURE (LAYER)  This is an excellent source of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and trace elements. It is an extremely good source of organic matter.
Analysis: 3-5-4
Available Size:  50# paper bag

Available in granular form $2

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Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri

Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri