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Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri
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Fertrellawn CaFe

9-1-4+Ca & Fe Fertrellawn CaFe (9-1-4+Calcium & Iron) is an all natural lawn fertilizer blended to a major lawn care company's specification. Fertrell improved upon their basic requirement and added an exceptional form of calcium and non staining iron. This product has been an outstanding performer on lawns from residential and commercial to military parade grounds.

Just as nourishment for people is provided by a Cafe, Fertrellawn CaFe provides nourishment for the lawn and soil for a fast and long lasting green up. This blend of natural products is formulated especially for lawns to provide the nutrients essential for strong, healthy growth and revitalization of soil life.

It is unique in that it contains calcium (Ca) and iron (Fe). Calcium is fundamental for the encouragement of microbial activity in the soil to establish a sustainable source of plant available nutrients. The iron is in a non-staining form which increases the photosynthesis of the plant for green up. The iron is encapsulated in the calcium for continuing release of the calcium and iron by microbial action.

Two sources of nitrogen are provided by this fertilizer. One for quick release, and the other for slow release by the soil's micro-organisms. This formulation will not cause burning of the turf grasses.

The potassium (potash) is provided by sulfate of potash. In addition to the potash, sulfur is provided which is necessary for plant growth and has become less available to plants due to the clean up of our atmosphere.

This product is excellent for Spring, Summer and early Fall application.

The benefits are: a healthy green lawn that is safe for people and pets; natural products that regenerate the soil's life; and a reduction, over time, in the amounts of fertilizer needed to sustain a healthy lawn.

Contains: Chilean nitrate, wood humate, sulfate of potash, iron, calcium and trace minerals.


Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri

Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri