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Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri
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Nitrell (5-3-4) is a specially blended general purpose fertilizer that excels in every application. Nitrell is a high nutrient organic blend that lawns and golf courses respond to with rapid and sustained growth, making it the most popular blend of nurserymen, landscapers, and all ground maintenance crews.

ON LAWNS Our lawn maintenance customers experience excellent results with as little as two applications per year. With spring and fall applications, Nitrell helps build thick and invasive root systems and healthy soils which naturally crowd out many weeds and cultivate beneficial micro-organisms that can decompose thatch and control harmful insects and diseases. Nitrell 5-3-4 is the fertilizer of choice for ANY professional lawn care expert who has tried it.

ON TREES Nurserymen and orchardists have a hard time explaining why a relatively low analysis organic fertilizer grows their trees faster and healthier than anything they've ever used before. They've begun to accept the notion that when the soil is nourished adequately plants respond with a natural health and vigor that out-paces conventional methods of feeding. Without exception, it is the fertilizer of choice for anyone who has tried it on young trees.

ON LANDSCAPE APPLICATIONS. Although Nitrell 5-3-4 is normally recommended for landscape maintenance, many of our landscape customers use it for installations as well. It's slow release non-burning formula increases the quality of the job long after the landscaper has left the site. For maintenance contracts, Nitrell 5-3-4 is unmatched in its ability to push lush green growth on turf,shrubs and lawns. Perennial and annual flowers grow stronger and with more blossoms. Whether it is used in gardens, lawns, orchards, nurseries or fields, improves the yield and quality of anything that grows.

The product is blended from the following list of natural ingredients: bonemeal, rock phosphate, oyster meal, kelpmeal, greensand, natural sulfate of potash/magnesia, vegetable protein meals, meat and bonemeal, natural nitrate of soda and fishmeal.

Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri

Fertrell Organic Fertilizer and Animal Feed Supplements, Missouri